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Coming from the software and IT industry not only from a marketing- but also a software development perspective we started to work within the mobile marketing area 2005. We also picked up some marketing experts on the way. Some of us got more than 15 years experience within the marketing- and software industry and we´ll immidiately pinpoint the ROI – opportunity for you using our software.

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MoMA – Masters of Mobile Arts
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You probably have a tonne of questions, which is great because we have a tonne of answers that we’ve learned throughout years of experience in the field of mobile websites.

In fact, we challenge you! Ask us anything regarding mobile websites.

+46 (0)31 16 05 05

+ 46 (0)8 641 61 05

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We at MoMA are awesome at building mobile web tools, because that is what we do. We have no interest in competing with you regarding your clients. BUT we would like to help you to make more mobile business AND increase your revenue from it.

If you are ready to take a leap into the worlds greatest channel, mobile, then apply for our Partner program!

You know your clients needs, we are merely the tool.

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